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Talkstage at Basha Market PRISM

Jobhuners, on this @bashamarket PRISM, will be bringing a diverse panel to discuss the local creative industry. There’s Dedhy Trunoyudho (@gardapangan), Agni Oktarina from (@surabayasehat), Randhy Prasetya, founder of (@yajugaya), Ratna Katarina, founder of (@paulinakatarina) and many more. Check @bashaid or @bashamarket to know other speakers that will join our TALKSHOW. Join the excitement on November 29th – December 1st 2019 at Convention Hall Tunjungan Plaza 3 lv. 6! See you there, Basha Peeps!

Creative Idea Communications

Being creative is inevitable, as communication plays an important to deliver its message and value to the audience effectively. Stop by to listen to Randy Raharja from Shopee and Hermawan from insight about Creative Idea Communication at our TALKSTAGE in Basha Market PRISM on Dec 1st 2019 at 15.30!

Local Brand Ascending

Randhy Prasetya, founder of @yajugaya and Ratna Katarina, founder of @paulinakatarina experience will give you insights on how to make local brands thrive in this competitive industry. Stop by to listen to their discussion at our TALKSTAGE in Basha Market PRISM at 11.00AM!

Be Wise Not Waste

Dedhy Trunoyudho @gardapangan and Agni Oktarina from @surabayasehat will be joining us to tell their views of the zero-waste lifestyle and how to integrate it into our daily lives. Curious? Come and learn from them in person!

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