Youth Today by AIESEC in Bandung: How to Get Your First Job in International Career Exploration

Have you ever felt curious on how people start and get their first jobs? Are you confused on what things you should prepare to start your international career experience? If you do, join our FREE Youth Today webinar with the title “How to Get Your First Job: in International Career Exploration.”

We encourage you to build your own great career path, particularly in the international platform by inviting international speakers. Supported by SOMPO Insurance, we also have a great deal to offer for the first 300 registrants to get SOMPO PA Insurance!

This event will be held on:
Saturday, October 31, 2020
From 1-3 PM (GMT+7)

What are you waiting for? Come register yourself now at
For further information, please reach out to our contact person: Dinan (+62 89503047424)

#YouthToday #BrightenYourFuture

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